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obama has a new nuclear policy i think ties america's hands and leaves us more vulnerable. i can't figure it out. then the s.e.c. fighting to control the internet with net-neutrality. the good news is the u.s. court of appeal ruled the s.e.c. lacks the authority to provide broadband providers to give equal treatment to all internet traffic but the s.e.c. says that's all right. we got another way of doing it. we'll just regulate it like a utility. i can't tell you what is happening in america anymore. i just know framework is being rebuilt. i want to show you something here on the chalkboard. we all know that our country is having problems. we know there is trouble. our house, it's a good house. it's a good house. but it's having real problems. if you are going to restore a home, as somebody who lived in connecticut and tried to restore a home, you better be careful on who you hire. because are you going to tear it down or restore it? what are you going to do? who are the architects? who are the contractors you're hiring to fix that up? tonight, i need to answer that question with
they reinvented one of america's iconic brands. but can this man keep americans lining up for another cup of joe? it's a "nightline" exclusive. >>> are you smarter than a 4-year-old? there's a lot more to kid's play than meets the eye. need proof? we sit in on the experiments that show us that your child may be a lot smarter than you think. >>> and, sweet child. top hat, sunglasses on, and the unmistakable guitar riffs. he needs just one name. slash is tonight's "play list." >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, martin bashir and cynthia mcfadden in new york city, this is "nightline," april 2nd, 2010. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. we begin tonight with coffee, and the star of the massive multibillion dollar industry. whether or not you call yourself a starbucks fan, it is nearly impossible to avoid the coffeehouse chain. it is the world's largest. a daily pit stop for millions of americans. but starbucks is not without competition, and their phones are eager to see them fail, and that may have happened, if it wasn't for the man you are about to meet, who retu
for america's future in space. >> his plan is a major revision of previous policy and is already drawing criticism from some of the nation's past heroes in space. t.j. winick joins us from washington with details. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, vinita. under the president's plan, nasa will encourage private companies to build their own spaceships to ferry astronauts to the international space station. under the bush administration, nasa's goal was to send an american astronaut to the moon for a seventh time. the obama administration wants, instead, focus on getting to mars. today, in cape canaveral, florida, at the kennedy space center, the president will unveil his plan to take nasa in a new direction. >> what the president will outline represents our best opportunity and our best effort to get this agency and program back on pace to put astronauts and rockets into space, as the president so strongly desires. >> reporter: while famed astronaut neil armstrong has publicly criticized the president's plan, another space pioneer, buzz aldrin, supports the changes. >> i totall
. one was aerch offered a job to stay in the lone star state. and coming up on "good morning america," live updates from iceland, london, more tales from right here in the u.s. of people living at the airport. >>> now to the other big story this morning, toyota is about to agree to pay a record fine. it stems from the companies's failure in the right way about his gas pedals. t.j. winick has details. >> reporter: according to the federal government, toyota knew about the problem about sudden acceleration and sticky pedals in 2009, but it waited until january of this year to tell regulates. later today, auto giant will agreed to pay a $6.4 million fine. the maximum penalty allowed. >> i think this is another black eye for toyota because it shows that the company didn't care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> reporter: while toyota is likely to say they admit no wrongdoing, according to a senior transportation official, by paying the full civil penalty, tot is accepting the responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of the law. >> toyota w
that will just say, look this corruption is bad. america will support people. i mean, the tickle fest was... it was a bit too far but america will support people who have been part of the system, and want out. they just want out. if you are doing it for the right reasons, please, contact us. i don't, like i said, i don't even know the names of the refou refounders, one guy does and he's the most honorable man i know. please, contact us. and, let us help you get out of this system. help refound america. we're going to go to another audience member, jane has a question for you. >> glenn: hi, jane. >> in light of the negative things going on in washington in our nation and the world, what positives can be pointed to and, specifically, what should america and its younger generation, in particular, remain optimistic about? >> glenn: i grew up in seattle, washington. and i remember when i moved to phoenix, arizona, i mean, seattle is cloudy 310 days out of the year. you don't see the sun for 310 days a year. it is amazing. and, i remember when i moved to phoenix, i actually stopped, i was walki
later, those original rebel kids have reunited for one more dance. ♪ >>> good morning, america. >> good morning, everyone i'm ashleigh banfield. it's sunday april 18th. president obama is one of the millions whose travel plans have been thwarted from the ash cloud in the ice land dick volcano. he was supposed to be in poland attending the funeral for that country's president. it's too dangerous even for air force one. >> this is the most sweeping disruption since 9 swlsh/1 1 take a look at this photo. this shows power of nature. a lightning storm above the eruption. here's a photo of neal karlinsky, he went right into the ash storm to see what it's like in the darkness. he's live at the foot of the volcano. he'll join us in just a moment. >>> also this morning a battle is brewing on the massive financial reform bill. the press president is vowing to get new reform rules for wall street passed in the senate. but the republicans are opposed to the plan, saying it's another bank bailout. and now it's getting personal. >>> what can old dogs teach us about avoiding cancer. one researcher fin
in a bipartisan manner, to engage all spectrum stakeholders to assure america keeps pace with the coming mobile revolution. the plan would stop universal service fund from subsidizing multiple competitors. would reform, inner carrier compensation, would increase spectrum flexibility and have some interesting ideas on maximizing infrastructure utilization. i look forward to learning more about these recommendations and many other contained in the national broadband plan during this hearing and coming weeks an months. just one last comment on the comcast versus fcc decision. this is clearly had a major impact on the future of our country's broadband policy. the d.c. circuit correctly, in my view upheld the view that the fcc does not have the unfettered power to regulate the internet. i hope that the commission will continue its successful light touch approach as was described by my colleague senator hutchison. to the internet and will now abandon what i believe was a mis-hit guided pursuit of net neutrality regulations. so i look forward to hearing from the chairman how he think the decision will
. and a hot 91 in phoenix. >>> and just ahead on "america this morning," the white house chief of staff admits he's got his eyes on another job. >>> plus, new details on the attack that put data for millions of google users into the hands of hackers. >>> and nature's fury. our reporter travels to the top of that iceland volcano. >>> welcome back. overseas stock markets are rebounding this morning. tokyo's nikkei average closed lower but only slightly. hong kong's hang seng rose more than 200 points. in london, the ftse opened higher. the dow gained 73 points on monday. and the nasdaq lost one point. >>> general motors is expected to make good on a promise to fully repay the $6.7 billion loan funded by u.s. taxpayers. gm's ceo is expected to make the details public tomorrow, during a visit to a plant in kansas city. gm has already made two $1 billion payments and promised to have the entire government loan paid off before the end of june. >>> toyota is recalling its lexus gx 460 suv to fix those stability control problems. that is the model consumer reports warned consumers not to buy two weeks
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america." >>> in other news, president obama unveils a new policy on nuclear weapons today. it reduces america's nuclear arsenal and limits when they could be used. mr. obama's policy announcement is the first in a series of events aimed at reducing nuclear weapons worldwide. thursday, he signs a new arms treaty with russia. next week, he hosts a major nuclear summit in washington. >>> a senior military official confirms that a battle video posted on the internet is authentic. the cockpit video shows a helicopter firing repeatedly on people in a baghdad street during the height of the insurgency, in 2007. 12 people were killed, including a reuters news photographer. yesterday, the pentagon released its report on that incident. >>> in pakistan this morning, security is especially tight around the u.s. consulate in peshawar. that's where militants detonated three truck bombs outside the gates. and five militants fired into the compound with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons until they were killed. today, there is evidence of the attack everywhere, including rubble and damag
around an spreading potentially could become america's worth environmental disaster in decades. >> we have over 100,000 feet of boom and they're working nonstop, protecting all the areas that we can get to that are yeek logically and economically sensitive. >> reporter: british petroleum has mobilized more than 1100 worker, 76 vessels and 400,000 feet of boom trying to protect miles of fragile shore line. eight days after the deep water who are rye zn oil rig went down, this disaster is far worse than first believed. coast guard officials now estimate as many 5/,000 barrels of oil pour into the gulf every day. that's five times higher than earlier estimates. they've already identified a third leak, 5,000 feet under water, in an oil pipeline called a riser. it could take 90 days to plug the leak. and by then, as many as 19 million gases could have leaked into the gulf. like so many people look the gulf coast, sport fisherman steve kennedy is worried. >> it's a matter of how many boats they got out there skimming. there'sing for to be some come ashore. >> reporter: with a disaster this
, that's all hours from now. the focus right now is you, me, and the rest of america getting those taxes done on time. lynn? >> tracy, don't remind us. >>> meanwhile, president obama will face a tough audience today when he heads to florida to outline his new policy for nasa. thousands of workers fear for their jobs with the space shuttle program scheduled to be grounded later this year, and some of the country's most high-profile astronauts are calling the president's plans, quote, devastating. >> reporter: after years as the home of america's space missions, today kennedy will host what is termed star wars. it's pitting some of the country's space pioneers against the president. >> we need to go once again where no man has gone before. there is no vision to this budget, no goal, no challenge. >> reporter: this week astronauts blasted president obama as he gets ready to announce its plans for na is for the future this afternoon. officials say that will include an extra $6 billion, some to be used to help lift a heavy-list rocket, capable of taking humans to mars. but it also eliminates
morning america." sam champion reports from the gulf coast. >>> on capitol hill today, financial reform takes a vint step closer to reality. the senate begins debate on a sweeping, new law, three days after its sponsors first tried to bring it to the floor. steven portnoy has the story. >> reporter: vehicling to reporters on air force one, president obama hailed the movement on financial regulatory reform. >> it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: for three-straight days, every senate republican, and one democrat, voted to block the bill from even coming up for debate. >> we have to get to this bill. negotiations are like the world turns, that soap opera. they're never going to end, until we get on this bill. >> reporter: faced with a threat of recession that would have kept on on the floor all night, republicans agreed to end the black cade. now, they plan to force charges. >> americans want a number of things in this bill fixed. and they want more than verbal assurances. >> reporter: republicans want to strip out key provisions, including a fund to wind down failing firms. and democ
about it in north america. >> reporter: in march steve st ank lo was named chief. still, veteran toyota worker now retired is skeptical saying his former bosses hide rather than deal with problems. >> translator: they would avoid announcing defects as recalls and call it service campaign or anything else to fix the problem. >> the focus for toyota now is to make things right. they seemed to ignore the key assets. they forgot to listen to the voices of their own loyal employees. >> you're talking about this memo, and last week you were telling us about a memo from one of executives as well. >> that's exactly right. there seem to be all of these drops in the bucket. right now the bucket is close to spilling over the there's so much going on. toyota is looking to fix it. they know they've got a problem now. you have to keep in mind. they are almost 140 lawsuits against this company right now. make or break. >> thank you. >>> coming up, senate back from recession, job number one, extending unemployment benefits. >> make or break for hundreds of thousands of people getting unemployment exten
save money. live better. walmart. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. it's friday, april 30th. >> and i'm robin roberts. this morning, breaking news. the massive oil spill in the gulf washes ashore, endangering hundreds of species and threatening to surpass even the exxon valdez disaster. sam leads our coverage down in the gulf. >>> president obama responds by dispatching top cabinet members to the disaster. he calls in the navy, too. but is it enough? and what will this mean for obama's plans to expand oil drilling? the latest from white house adviser, david axelrod, in a "gma" exclusive. >>> plus, the other woman. rielle hunter breaks her silence about her affair with john edwards, their daughter, and the lessons she's learned. >> i followed my heart. and i believe it was the right thing to do. >> we get reaction from edwards' former campaign aide in a "gma" exclusive. >>> and the queen of talk takes on distracted drivers. oprah winfrey joins us live with a challenge for all of us. >>> and, robin, what everyone feared has happened. oil has hit shore down in the g
a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ >>> will the top firm on wall street become the top fall guy on capitol hill? next hour, sen torgs aators ared to grill the leading executives of goldman sachs. they want to know if the company's zeal for profits contributed to the country's financial crisis. after 20 years in a miami prison, manuel noriega gets a flight to paris and a quick return to jail. the former pan mainian dictator was extra dieted to stand trial on charges he laundered drug money. they seized noriega after invading panama in 1989. he has been held as a p.o.w. they wanted him back to stand trial on murder charges. the u.s. gave him to france instead. >>> gages israel's patience over iran. the pentagon and state department getting involved taking a look at where the military stands and the issue of a possible war. a presidential pop-in -- >>> presidential pop-in, president obama wanted to talk to israeli
america, small businesses, consumers, public safety and cyber security. that is why it is so important that everything that we do has a solid legal foundation. the communications act, i believe, requires the fcc to adopt policies to protect consumers in concerts networks whether they are traditional networks are newer data networks. they assume that the fcc is making sure consumers are protected, competition is promoted, innovation and investment are promoted and it will be completely consistent with the communications act for us to continue to do what the fcc on a bipartisan basis has been doing for quite some time. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> senator nelson. >> thank you, chairman. i would ask that my statement be entered in the record as an opening statement. >> will i have a chance to read it first before i rule on that? >> that is up to you. >> so ordered. >> thank you, mr. chair. >> mr. genachowski, your plan has recommendations to provide the ultra high-speed internet to some select military installations. and, of course, we have quite a bit of military in this state of flor
than a decade ago is that they are so much cozier with corporate america today than they were a decade ago. and much more so than they let on in public. i think it's amazing and breath taking that greg greg, top lawyer, champion of the left, top lawyer in the obama white house before he was forced out in the champion of the left is now the sherpa for goldman sachs, or that dick gephardt, the leader of house democrats, the last event i saw him at was in iowa where he had all these union members around him rocking to ac/dc drinking beer because he was a champion of the labor movement. now he's out there advising goldman sachs. you see this across the board for the democratic party where they get so much money from wall street and so much money from corporate america that it makes it harder to paint republicans as being in the hip pocket of business. and i think that -- >> okay. >> -- that's covering the backdrop of the debate. >> i said something moderately nice about barack obama. i'm going to try another one. >> oh, good. this will be a good day. >> all right, here we go. since barack
sweetener. [ male announcer ] savory. fluffy. yummy. sweet! [ female announcer ] splenda®. america's favorite no calorie sweetener. >>> well, overseas stock markets are mixed to close out the week. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.3% today. hong kong's hang seng is lower. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow added nine points yesterday. the nasdaq gained 14 points. >>> a couple of technology giants could weigh on wall street today. investors were apparently hoping for more from microsoft. the company's stock fell in extended trading, despite a strong quarter. microsoft's profit jumped 35% from last year. the newest version of windows drove sales. as companies spent more on new computers. >>> and shares of amazon are set to tumble after a disappointing sales forecast for the current quarter. but sales did jump more than 70% for the first three months of this year, as consumers started spending more. the company is sending more electronics and general merchandise, in media, such as books and movies. >>> a report out this morning is expected to show sales of new hom
that this story is over. back with more news. stay with us. somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ >>> and so the dust and ash from iceland's volcano settles and more planes are taking off and bringing home passengers that have been stranded for nearly a week. nbc's chris jansing is in iceland. so, chris, hello to you. i see the winds continue there as they've been pretty
. ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. ♪ growing stronger. every day. compare a well equipped lexus es, to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find. if perfection is what you pursue, this just might change your course. meet the new class of world class. the twenty-ten lacrosse, from buick. may the best car win. >>> we now know that 25 miners have died in west virginia, another four are still missing in what is officially the worst mine disaster in more than two decades. the explosion at the upper big branch south mine yesterday is being investigating. but experts believe it was caused by a buildup of methane gas. that played a role in the sago mine explosion that killed 12 west virginia miners in 2006. rescuers were ordered out of the mine this morning when methane levels became dangerously high again. according to the governor, rescue workers searched beyond the point they had put their own lives i
, america's health crisis. three, dangerous conditions that half of us already have. >>> then, the giant lawsuit looming for walmart, accused of holding a million women back on pay and promotions. >>> and new video just on lawmakers damaging eggs and smoke bombs, earlier this morning. >>> the world's largest retailer, walmart, says it is ready to appeal a long-running discrimination lawsuit to the supreme court. a federal court yesterday cleared the way for the class-action suit to move forward. walmart is charged with paying women less than men to do the same jobs. and with passing over women to in order to promote men. the case was originally filed nine years ago. >> i am absolutely ecstatic about today's ruling. we have worked very hard to get as far as we have. >> and i can't imagine a beinger message being sent to big employers and employers overall. they can be held accountable. the laws apply to them. they are not too big to be held responsible. >> the company says, quote, walmart is an excellent place for women to work. and fosters female leadership among our associates and the l
. let america's number one annuity provider help you stay on course with guarantees for the if in life. get answers about annuities at >> shepard: 20 minutes until 4:00 general motors repaid $8 billion in loans from the united states and canadian government. a new poll suggests folks prefer american-made cars over those made in japan. brian wilson has the news live in d.c. >> for the first time in a long time americans believe american car companies make better cars than do asian car companies. i'll show you. this from an app poll. 38% of those polled in early march said american companies made better cars, 33% believed asians made the best but that was a change from the past. 2006, back then 29% of those polled believed american consider companies made the best cars and a whopping 46% believed the asian car companies made better cars. surprisingly this poll goes a lot of areas and shows that toyota's reputation has taken a big hit. premature rust, suvs that roll over, 8 million car recalled. a quarter of those polled believed toyota was the maker of the best car on the ma
international, and going to accelerate the growth of the company beyond north america. >> i want to ask you about the international story, because i know it is a good one. but are you saying that the traffic returned to the stores, and so that the earnings are coming out better than expected was not necessarily due to cost cutting, but end-market demand, is that what i hear you saying or still largely due to cost cuts? sgl >> well, it is not largely due to cost cutting, but we took out $600 millions of cost cuts, and getting leverage from the p&l, but the real story is comp store sales at 7%, and 3% traffic, and i think that given the headwinds of the economy and all of the things that other people are dealing with, the fact that starbucks has demonstrated such resiliency really does show the power of the brand, and then the other thing is that we demonstrated such value with the starbucks card, and the loyalty program, and we got a big boost from the new product i introduced on the floor with you which is starbucks via. >> yes, we talked about that when you introduced it, and i know it is
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>>> good morning, america, on this tuesday, april 6th. i'm robin robes. >> and i'm george stephapoulos. breaking news this morning. 25 killed in the worst mining disaster in decades. >> before you knew it, it's just like your ears stopped up. you couldn't hear. and next thing you know, you're right in the middle of a tornado. >> an explosion rocks a west virginia mine 1,000 feet under ground. >> i just started getting these phone calls. they asked me if kevin was working the evening or day. and when i told them, the evening. they told me there had been an explosion. >> we're live with the latest on the investigation. questions about this mine's long history of safety problems, as the families and community come together to mourn. >> breaking news coverage on "good morning america," the tragedy in west virginia. >>> and it has now been 16 hours since the deadly explosion at the massey energy company's upper big branch coal mine in west virginia. it's the worst blast since 1984. officials still hoping they will find some survivors. but they have warned the families the situa
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that maybe we've got an industry that possibly is growing again in america? >> well, clearly, ali, in ford's case, this is a result of all the actions that we put in place three years ago to create an exciting viable profit, growing ford by focusing on a complete family of vehicles from ford and every one will be investment class. see the way the consumers have responded to this new ford lineup and the quality is just fantast fantastic. those are the results we're seeing today. >> you talk about quality. when you and i first talked soon after you took over at ford, quality was an issue, major issue for ford. even though it was part of the tag line for ford, quality was an issue. where are you now with that? >> well, our latest result on both the customer satisfaction portion of quality in addition to the technical aspects of things gone right or wrong, we have just moved into the leadership in the industry and in terms of our quality in the consumers' eyes. so, you know, all of that work, you know, quarter after quarter, is really paying off with the highest quality in the industry today.
's talking points memo. once again, the far left in america is demanding an effective anti-terror program, missiles fired at the bad guys and drones be stopped. mary ellen o'connell is leading the charge in academia saying the drone program violates international law that it is unlawful killing. former senator fritz hollings says the drone action kills more is preposterous statement. the aclu is suing to make public who is ordering the attacks and other information about them. all of, this of course, helps al qaeda and the taliban, enemies of the u.s.a. by all accounts, the drone program has been the most effective antiterrorist strategy we have. and has badly damaged the al qaeda and taliban leadership. in fact, president president obs increased drone attacks now about two a week. the far left doesn't want u.s.a. to defeat terrorism. roger cohen calls the action revenge and wants the drone program stopped immediately. mr. cohen wants all the terrorists arrested. but the far left has not done is call the president a war criminal which it certainly did in the case of president bush. no. ev
poor safety compliance. it's also poor government enforcement that is plaguing mining in america. massey claims its rate fell to all time low and safety record last year was stronger than the industry average. nevertheless, this particular mine has seen three previous fatalities since 19956789 in that time the company has been cited for more than 3,000 violations, 614 in the last two years. and the federal mining safety and health administration or msha has proposed 1.5 million in fines against massey. >> once a mine operator correct the condition and makes it safe again, i can't allow -- or i can't allow my inspector to say you keep that mine shut down. when the condition is corrected, they are allowed to go back to mining. >> among other things, this mine has been cited for having a faulty ventilation plan, shep. >> shepard: you know, both the feds and state regulate mining. is there a consensus about how good a job they are doing with this regulation? >> well, an ugly truth here, shep is, that laws get passed. they don't always get enforced. we all remember the 2006 disaster a
show. health of the u.s. economy, moments ago, here is where america is on the job outlook. unemployment, still at 9.7%, labor department saying we added 162,000 jobs in the month of march. we have seen added since the great recession began. but still a great deal short of what economists were hoping for and expected. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer, live on a friday in "america's newsroom". >> i'm julia ow jeufet huddy in for martha maccallum. bill: stu varney is here to break this down, first, james rosen live from ds. what do you have? >> on the face of this latest report from the bureau of labor statistics, looks like a blast of great news and indeed white house press secretary robert bibs is tweeting most jobs in three years but if you probe beneath the surface the job market remains tough. first as you mentioned the overall unemployment rate remains unchanged at 9.7 percent, the underemployment rate which factors not only the jobless but those working part-time and full-time and as well as those who have given up looking for job, that's increased to 16.9%, s
been disagreements among democrats, the obama administration and republicans over just how america's financial system should be reformed. the sweeping financial reform bill is just hours away from its biggest test yet. >> 18 months ago, people broke into our home, stole everything in our house, and we haven't even changed the locks on the place yet. >> reporter: this afternoon, the senate will vote on whether to begin debate on the measure aimed at reigning in wall street and preventing another economic meltdown. democrats need the support of at least one republican to move ahead, but that may be tough. >> it's my expectation that we will not go forward with this partisan bill. >> reporter: the gop is holding out for big changes including dropping a multibillion dollar bailout fund financed by large banks. conservatives also think a new consumer protection agency would create too much bureaucracy. hoping to lock in at least a couple of republican votes, senate democrats agreed to tighten the rules on derivatives. the complex securities are widely blamed for triggering the financial
. that should be perfect timing. >> bankers all over america rejoice. senator chuck schumer will be on the row and representative paul ryan as well. we look forward to that, as well as mike barnicle and jonathan capehart on the set with us this morning. willie geist. >> willie's here. >> willie, don't insult me. >> love the dress. a-plus. >> seriously? how long does it take you to walk from the control room into here? >> busy had to take care of along the way. >> you talk to your colombian friends -- >> i had to pick up a backage down stairs pip do love the dress. >> let's do the news. >>> it's time for a look at today's top stories. president obama wrapped up his two-day conference on the threat of nuclear weapons with a commitment from all 47 nations who attended the summit. the governments of all 46 nations, plus the united states, each said they would safeguard nuclear material and put it out of the reach of terrorists within four years. experts note that the commitments to this effort are voluntarily and that reaching the goal will be a challenge. obama says the mission can be accomplishe
on "america this morning," why a police officer 10-year-old.gun on a >>> plus, newborn twins with birthdays a week apart. and arizona's infamous sheriff birthdays a week apart. and arizona's infamous sheriff with a new way to make his >>> up, up and away. american astronaut tracy caldwell dyson is on her way to the international space station along with two russian cosmonauts. they lifted off in a russian rocket and should rendezvous with the space station sunday and will be in space until september. >>> well now for a look at morning road conditions. there could be thunderstorms on i-35 from kansas city to dallas. i-90 from rapid city to sioux falls could see snow and rain. from seattle to san francisco, it may be rainy and i-90 from seattle to spokane could be snow covered and if you're flying today expect airport delays in seattle, san francisco, kansas city, dallas and houston. >>> well, police in new mexico are looking into how human body parts donated to science including heads and torsoes ended up in the wrong hands. the uesome discovery is causing considerable anguish. >
anybodyo i don't think goldman sachs is going to win any popularity contests in america this year. and certainly the democratic party wants to try to paint the republicans as the helpers of wall street, and firms like goldman, even though goldman disproportionately supports democrats in elections, the largest single contributor to president obama's campaign in 2008, but what republicans are trying to do now and you heard that from senator shelby, you heard it from senator corker and others, the pushback, saying look, we're actually trying to make this tougher on wall street. so right now, what's going on on the hill, hey, they're back and forth, you have democrat and republicans trying to work out a deal and senate majority leader harry reid push something so he can, a, look tough and b, try to keep momentum behind this thing. bill: chris stier walt -- stier wawlt, good to see you. martha: an armed man was arrested in north carolina when he simply got too close. he was at the ashville airport as president obama was leaving yesterday afternoon, this is 'can't of the man -- this is
and st lake city. phoenix will hit 77. and sacramento is 65. >>> coming up on "america this morning," a new look at what caused the biggest bank collapse in history. >>> then, quarterback ben roethlisberger escapes criminal charges. but not the wrath of one prosecutor, who tells him to grow up. >>> and a surprise from conan o'brien, on his return to late night. >>> wall street's 11,000-level milestone doesn't seem to be exciting investors overseas this morning. tokyo's nikkei average and hong kong's hang seng were both down. in london, the ftse also opened lower. wall street starts the day with the dow jones industrial average at 11,006, after yesterday's small increase. the nasdaq was also up. >>> today, congress will hear from executives of washington mutual, the biggest bank to fail in history. senate failed to stop the deceptive practices. the documents show loan officers were rewarded for the volume and speed of subprime mortgages they sold. >>> twitter rolls out a moneymaking advertising prom today. new, promoted tweets will appear when users search certain key words. they wil
it will curtail america's leadership in space exploration. but another space pioneer, buzz aldrin, has come out in favor of the changes. >> i totally agree that we should set our sights much higher than just returning to the moon. that's not america. america leads. and it should be leading in space. >> three, two, one, liftoff -- >> reporter: in addition to his $6 billion boost for nasa already announced, the president is expected to reveal a new heavy lift rocket development program and a $40 billion initiative to help the florida space coast transform its economy with the help of the commercial space industry and a plan to renovate the kennedy space center. rachel martin, abc news, washington. >>> well, there will soon be an archive of tweets at the library of congress. twitter is donated its archive of tweets so that researchers can look at discussions of significant events like president obama's election or the haiti earthquake. of course, the billions of tweets would also include discussions of some very insignificant events. so be sure to choose those 140 characters carefully. how about t
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